Hi there! We would love to show you the last guests we had in September. A father (Marc) with his 3 childs got hooked to surfing few years back and now they are trying to spend as much time as they can surfing and improving their thechniques!

Marc has already traveled to places like maldives to find good surf and now he decided to try closer so he can bring the fam!
Average to small glassy conditions through all the week and ”private peaks ” was all what we had to deal with!

The first days they were kind of getting use to it yet so they sometimes left couple of good ones runing empty. But once they got it… they improvement was as big as it could be!

So nice to spend a week with a family with such a good vibe and feeling with surfing… We really hope to see you guys soon!

We will drop the video of their experience tomorrow night! stay tuned!


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