Last week we met our season opener, Phil, who came all the way from Germany with his girlfriend Isa, their dog Alva and their campervan!

We have spent such a great time with them chasing waves around the coast and camping in some uncrowded beautiful places.

Unfortunately the last two days the swell didn´t offer too much , but, we had already scored some good ones the day before!

We were there, at the end of the world( Place called Fisterra) surfing amazing waves with NO ONE OUT!! was probably the best moment of the week.

Phil was really working hard in his technique and in our eyes he really did an improvement! Lots of hours with the camera coming in and out of the water, videoanalysis and even practicing in the road!!

Although, It wasn´t everything about surfing, we spent some nice time enjoying the wild and beautiful nature that surrounded us…

We hope this couple really enjoyed their experience and we are looking forward to meet them again!!


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