Taghazout: Morocco’s Best Surf Spots

Taghazout is blessed with some of the most perfect right hand breaks the world has to offer, and they break right on our host´s doorstep. The building sits on Panoramas Point, which is an easy right-hander for surfers new to rocky breaks.

From the terrace we can see over to Anchor point the “Holy Grail” of Morocco’s right hand long curling surf breaks. On a good day folks have ridden this wave almost to the door of the host´s building. The easy beach breaks of Crocs, Roches Diables and hash point are all within 5 mins drive.

For the real die-hards there is the twenty minute paddle out to contend with the fast barreling Killers! There are so many point breaks, beach breaks and secret spots in such a short stretch of coast that every surfer will find a wave that is perfect for their level of surfing Morocco.