Galicia, Spain

As the summer ends, holidays are finished, and swells start to fill in…

Galicia, on the north west corner of Spain, is the farthest destination for the Spanish surfers. After summer holidays, the seaside is almost isolated. We are in Playa de Razo, in a piece of coast called ‘’Costa Da Morte’’. A wild Spanish jewel far enough from cities where you won’t find a crowded line-up.

In autumn, the Atlantic ocean starts to wake up, sending us swells from 3ft to 8 ft, at least once a week. As the weather temperature drops a few degrees from summer, the thermal onshore wind doesn’t blow often anymore letting us some sunny glassy surf sessions and lots of offshore.

Water temperature is another reason that keeps the crowd away, but, as the ocean takes longer time to change its temperature, we still enjoy warm water during the surf season.

In the beginning of the season, water temperature is around 19ºC (Sept-Oct), dropping to 14-13ºC in December.

All of this together let us enjoy some perfect empty waves!