Finally you decide to go on a new surftrip adventure and spend your holidays in one of those dreamy destination ... Although it is not all decided yet! But which way will you target your trip?AMERICA or ASIA?? We all know about Asia's surfers jewel, Indonesia, well, America also has a wonderful gem, Nicaragua

In this post we will, explain you Why Nicaragua is a perfect destination for your next surftrip?!

Nigaraguan food is rich, varied and, full of flavor, .. Like many of the countries that received Spanish influence the use of corn and rice is very popular. Pacifics area dishies remain the most popular like indio viejo, cheese soup, and many more. As one of the cheapest countries in centralamerica you can try one of this dishies for a really economic price.

The most favorite area for all surfers is a town called Popoyo. This area is affected by an incrediblephenomenonthat makes its waves enjoy nonstop ofshore wind all year round.The Nicaraguan Great Lake generates a wind current from the caribbean sea to the pacific ocean to the pacific ocean.

In a small area of ​​about 30 km we have one huge variety of spots that go from piping waves beach, until pointbreaks world class for intermediate and advanced levels. Order from south to north are Colorado beach, one of the best beaches for pipes nationwide, Rancho Santana, Wedge small leftist perfect for tubes or large maneuvers, Magnific Rock, Pointbreak left for longboard, Popoyo reef, A-frame Pointbreak for all levels, Playa Guasacate, peaks to maneuver variables, shipyards, Pointbreak left long distance

During the wet season, occasional rains become the green landscape and full of life. At the same time it occurs time surfing where the medium size swells They are consistent on the Pacific coast, generating the spots in the area not stop run almost any day.


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