Popoyo is one of the surfer´s favorite destination on the world due to it offshore winds, swell consistency and the lot of different spots within small distance.

Right in front of our accommodation you will find a beachbreak which offer multiples A-frame sandbars in empty line-ups.

At the left side of the beach there is the famous Popoyo reef. A perfect peak with beautiful open faces on both lefts and rights.This reef holds every tide being easier for intermediate level on high tide and rippable on both low and high for advance surfers. It is probably one of the most crowded spots of the area but, considering that there are always offshore winds you will guess that this wave is working all day long so you’ll be able to find some solo moments during the day.

On the same place but deeper some heavy waves thunder Popoyo´s outer reef. With the biggest swells there is this outer reef in popoyo that generets a heavy water wave with some huge barrels. This spot is just for advance to pro surfers only.

After this reef there is a bay with some easier fun points.

Next spots down south are Rancho Santana and Playa Colorado both perfect beachbreaks for barrels, santana more like a wedgy left and Colorado more like a runing right. These are some of the spots on the nearby area but there are plenty more on a short drive or on a boat trip!