After a very good first season in Galicia and with the arrival of winter we finally decided to travel abroad, and what better place than our exotic neighbor MOROCCO. With warm temperatures, stable weather, favorable light winds, the Atlantic Ocean turned on and endless high quality point-breaks , no doubt it is one of the best destinations for the season!, No need to mention the proximity to Europe!!

The exact destination is the famous area taghazout. Our contact, Youness, is located in a little town called Tamraghtwhich has a lovely Riad with a magnificent terrace where we enjoyed breakfast watching the ocean! From there, we have a lot of possibilities to catch good waves, depending on swell conditions. Youness made sure we were always at the right time in the right place!

One of the things that surprised me during the trip was that, even though we had a rare week when the Atlantic Ocean did not have much to offer, we could enjoy amazing spots with high quality waves! The conditions were excellent to work hard on our surfers technique! (I can not imagine how this coast must look with a great winter swell!! )

We didnt stop for a minute, from morning til evening, we combined surf with adventures to stunning places like Tifnit´s small desert´s sanddunes or Paradise Valley´s Oasis! It was really important to take good energies with a strong breakfast and all the awesome local food that our friend younes brought to us!!


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